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Carpet Cleaning in New Jersey

Does your carpet look like it's been put through the wringer?

Is it beginning to look a little the worse for wear?

There is still hope for your carpet, and you won't have to spend hours scrubbing it. Just call Feet Up Carpet Cleaning, and our professional carpet cleaners will take care of the rest. Our carpet cleaning equipment can handle steam and dry cleaning, to give your carpet individualized, expert care.

Health and Carpet Cleaning

Carpet cleaning does more for your home or business than just making your carpets look good again.

If you have noticed a less than fresh odor, the reason may be the carpets. Your carpets trap germs, bacteria, and allergens in their fibers. If that isn't enough, people walk on the carpets, grinding these pollutants deeper into the fibers beneath the carpet's surface, especially in high traffic areas.

Regular vacuum cleaners don't penetrate deeply enough to get it all out. As these pollutants become entrenched deeper and deeper into the carpet, they become even more difficult to clean.

Professional carpet cleaning reaches deep down into the carpet for a complete clean for your home or office. We highly recommend carpet steam cleaning. Our powerful cleaning and extraction equipment uses water heated to a high temperature to flush out these contaminants naturally and suctions them away for clean carpeting that is fast-drying, too!

carpet cleaning service carpet cleaning service

Call the Carpet Cleaning Professionals

You don't have to get rid of your carpets to get rid of the bad smells, bacteria, and allergens trapped inside. You need to bring in cleaners who understand carpets and how to clean them properly.

Feet Up Carpet Cleaning operates throughout New Jersey, bringing new life to carpets with our cleaning and deodorizing services. We have special enzymatic treatments to remove and neutralize pet stains and odors as well.

Bringing in professional cleaners means your carpets will look and smell cleaner faster than you'd be able to do it on your own, leaving you free to follow more pleasurable pursuits during your oh-so-limited downtime.

Don't break your back or wear out your knees in an endless pursuit of cleaner carpets. Bring in professional carpet cleaners twice a year for beautifully maintained carpeting that looks great. Then enjoy the added benefit of breathing easier, knowing you've eliminated the odor-causing bacteria formerly plaguing your carpets.

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