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House Cleaning Services

Everyone can use a little cleaning help at home from time to time: when moving to a new home, in preparation for a special occasion or house guests. Whatever your reason, Feet Up Carpet Cleaning can make your home sparkling clean.

Makeover for Your Home

Feet Up Carpet Cleaning's house cleaning service will make your home cleaner and brighter. We do a better job than standard housecleaners because we have high-tech cleaning equipment and cleaning supplies especially designed for their use. Our detergents and solvents are non-irritating and biodegradable, to be safely used around everyone in your family.

Our house cleaning services include:

Services can be combined for a complete cleaning solution. It's like a makeover for your home!

carpet cleaning service carpet cleaning service

Tips to Improve Your Home's Appearance

  • Set up a cleaning schedule - Life is busy, and having a schedule can help make sure you get to all of your cleaning chores.
  • Declutter - Realtors recommend reducing clutter when putting your house on the market for the very simple reason that having less stuff will make it more likely for potential buyers to make an offer. It may be a matter of taste, but a less cluttered environment can be less stressful to live in and can make a better impression on guests. Having fewer knickknacks around will also make it easier to sweep, dust, mop and vacuum more regularly.
  • Give up marathon cleaning for good - Why spend your Saturdays scrubbing and cleaning? Regular cleaning habits help keep your home looking its best all of the time.

Call Feet Up Carpet Cleaning at 201-241-4922 for a free price estimate. Not sure what services you need? We'll be happy to come out, take a look, and develop a customized cleaning plan.

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