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Rug Cleaning

Is your rug looking different than it used to?

Area rugs can hold a ton of dirt before they really look dirty, and your only hint might be that the colors and pattern look a bit duller and less vibrant than you remember. Unfortunately, vacuuming alone can't get out all of the dirt. Wool rugs especially can hold a lot of dust and dirt in its fibers.

You need professional rug cleaning by Feet Up Carpet Cleaning to bring back your favorite rug's color and look.

On-site Rug Cleaning

Rug cleaning can be easily accomplished at your home or business with our professional grade cleaning equipment. Our technicians will thoroughly vacuum your rug to remove all excess dust, and carefully clean away stains and treat odors. We'll choose the right cleaning solutions to take the best care of your rug, every time.

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Custom Care for Your Rug

For extremely delicate or valuable rugs, we recommend the premium rug care available at our in-plant cleaning facility. And to make it even easier for your rug to get the best cleaning, we are happy to offer you free pickup and delivery.

Our in-plant cleaning includes:

  • complete rug dusting - specially designed rug dusting equipment gently agitates out excess dust and dirt.
  • rug cleaning - rugs benefit from a complete rug washing in our facility, using cleaning solutions specifically designed to take the best care of the rugs fibers and dyes. For delicate rugs that would be damaged by washing, we offer effective dry cleaning options too.
  • climate-controlled drying - rugs dry quickly hanging up, with plenty of air circulation to aid with speedy and complete drying.
  • pile and fringe grooming - we add the finishing touches to your rug and its fringe before returning it to you, the true mark of a professional cleaning.

Our experts are happy to come and inspect your rug to provide an accurate price estimate for the cleaning. Call today to request an appointment 201-241-4922.

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