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Pet Stain and Odor Removal

It can happen in a blink of an eye.

You turn your back for just one second, and by the time you turn around again your dog or cat has had an accident. Your heart sinks as you watch the stain spreading on the carpet or the couch.

No matter the age of your pet, accidents happen, but especially with puppies and kittens who are just beginning to be house trained. Removing stains and orders is important to the success of the training. A little residual odor can be enough to make your furry friend have an accident repeatedly in the same place.

New Jersey Pet Stain Removal

That's where Feet Up Carpet Cleaning comes in. Our pet stain and odor removal service is designed especially for people who love their homes and their pets. We will make your carpets and upholstery clean again and make your rooms smell fresh. We use cleaning supplies that specifically target the proteins in urine to break them down and then we extract them completely with our professional steam cleaning equipment.

Pet Stain & Odor Treatment Pet Stain & Odor Treatment

First Aid Tips for Pet Stains

You are the first line of defense for your carpets against the damaging effects of pet accidents. Not every stain will require professional cleaning, but every stain should be addressed promptly to make full clean up easier.

  • If the stain is still wet, you have a good chance of getting it out, but you have to be patient. Blot the stain up gently with a dry white absorbent cloth or paper towel. Keep taking new cloths and blot away until the spot is basically dry. Then, add some fresh water to the spot, but not too much. Blot up the new moisture as well. You may wish to stand on the cloth so that your weight forces the excess moisture out of the carpet and into the cloth.
  • You may have read that vinegar has amazing deodorizing powers, and that is absolutely true, but it is not ideal for pet stains. According to the Humane Society, any strong smelling chemical, including vinegar, won't entirely hide the odor from the urine. Remember, their sense of smell is better than ours! If they can still smell it, it may even encourage them to have another accident in the same place.
  • Enzymatic cleaners are awesome for urine stains, but there is a catch. If the spot was cleaned previously and there is any residual cleaner in the carpet fibers, the enzymatic cleaner won't work. You'll have to clean the area out from product residue first.

If you are ever in doubt about how to treat a pet stain, give Feet Up Carpet Cleaning a call at 201-241-4922. We have the supplies and experience to make your problem literally disappear.

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